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According to Mastercard’s 2017 Asia Pacific Study, entitled, Achieving Advocacy and Influence in a Changing Loyalty Landscape, while loyalty programs in South Korea are amongst some of the most well-established in the region, they also face the challenge of continuing engagement with jaded customers with high expectations. In fact, only 19% of customers surveyed indicated that they are satisfied their reward programs’ level of personalization. In addition, they tend to favor perks such as discounts and frequent traveler programs. At the moment, there are limited means available for them to collect travel points – they can either take a trip or pay for purchases with their credit cards.

REM Loyalty teams up with OkeyDokey to help customers in Korea and Japan reap greater rewards from their largest household spend category

Housing rental is by far the biggest household spend in Korea and Japan, accounting for 30% of income.1 Yet, unlike other retail and services categories, renters are not rewarded for paying their rent. With OkeyDokey’s presence in the real estate sector (through its offering of smart contract embedded IoT devices such as smart locks) combined with its blockchain technology platform,  it makes perfect sense for REM Loyalty to partner with this company to provide an innovative and rewarding experience for both renters and homeowners in the Korean and Japanese market.

“Korea and Japan real estate landscape, combined with its crypto-savvy consumers represents a huge opportunity for REM Loyalty,” Zdravko Loborec, REM Loyalty Founder, states. “Our loyalty program not only rewards OkeyDokey’s customers on their biggest household spend, but our comprehensive ecosystem of global retail and travel partners like allows them to personalize their loyalty experience through exchanges on the blockchain – increasing their level of satisfaction and engagement as a result.”

“There is a lot of synergy in OkeyDokey’s partnership with REM Loyalty,” Chang-Yong Boo, Co-Founder and CEO of OkeyDokey comments. “Both companies are committed to improving the quality of user-oriented services, not only driving productivity and reducing unnecessary costs through blockchain technology, but also to bring humanist elements through OkeyDokey IoT products. With the partnership with REM Loyalty, we are able to offer these services to all partners in a number of industries (including real estate, transportation, etc.) and be well-positioned as a leading provider in in smart contract embedded IoT devices for today’s growing collaborative economy.”

A Blockchain Partnership Trifecta: REM Loyalty + OkeyDokey Smart Locks + RentalMiles

A partnership created within an ecosystem benefits not just two, but all partners. RentalMiles, a residential property management company, is a great example. The company is committed to providing a seamless and rewarding rental experience for both renters and homeowners, and has made a number of technology investments to achieve this goal. OkeyDokey’s technology of smart connected door locks can help further enhance the company’s customer objectives.

“RentalMiles is keen on implementing an enterprise-level security locking solution to our network of client properties,” says Jason Duncan, North America CEO, RentalMiles. “With this in mind, OkeyDokey provides a unique opportunity for greater levels of security and flexibility with the use of blockchain and IoT based smart locks implemented directly onto the deadbolts themselves. Consequently, allowing us a direct access locking feature that can be developed within our software so that tenants can come and go easily and securely with a push of a button.”

1. Elkins, Kathleen. The World’s 13 Best Cities for Renters (, 30 June 2017)


About REM Loyalty

Powered by Stellar, REM Loyalty is a blockchain-based rewards ecosystem linking businesses with customers through the REM token and App wallet. Combined with a robust partner ecosystem of major brands across the consumer sector, we help customers unlock greater value from their loyalty points while allowing businesses improve their loyalty management strategy. Join our conversation on Telegram for more information on the company or on our loyalty token offering (LTO) launching on August 1, 2018.

About OkeyDokey

OkeyDokey stands at an intersection between technology and humanity. By bringing humanist element to blockchain technology, we strive not only to serve the intellectual side but also to accommodate people’s unique feelings and perspectives. 

OkeyDokey is a platform for smart contract embedded IoT devices e.g. smart locks that allow homeowners and property managers to not only utilize their homes with greater flexibility, but also connecting and sharing their values through technology. Thus, we aim to build emotional connection between technology and humanity.

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About RentalMiles

Headquartered in Toronto, RentalMiles is a client-focused and technology enabled global residential property management company. Through our loyalty reward program and ecosystem; a competitive pricing model of services managed by dedicated licensed property managers; and an operating model that is run on 100% digital platform, our vision is to disrupt and aggregate the largest rental market by making homes more rewarding for both homeowners and renters. For more information, please visit