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REM Loyalty announced today that it is ranked number 2 on Coinschedule’s top 10 trusted ICOs with a trust score of A, the highest level of credibility for a project.

“We are proud of the ranking of REM Loyalty’s token, the REM, with one of the most credible ICO listings,” comments Zdravko Loborec, Founder, REM Loyalty. “As a customer-centric business, trust is invaluable to our success.”

Coinschedule’s innovative trust score system is based on a proprietary algorithm that uses artificial intelligence techniques to determine the amount of credibility that an ICO has within its system. The algorithm takes several factors into account including the implementation of KYC (Know Your Customer protocol), profile and team member data, as well as an in-depth video interview with questions specific to the business. The higher the score, the more credible the project is compared to other projects with lower scores where Coinschedule doesn’t have enough trusted information about them.1

“There are hundreds (and even thousands) of ICOs in the market today, it’s extremely difficult for customers to understand the difference between the real thing and a risky venture.” Mr. Loborec adds. “To receive a top level ranking with a rigorous third party verification process like Coinschedule demonstrates the strength of REM Loyalty as a business but it is also a reflection of our commitment to customers and of our leadership in promoting trust within the cryptocurrency community.”

1. What is the Coinschedule Trust Score.

About REM Loyalty

Powered by Stellar, REM Loyalty is a blockchain-based rewards ecosystem linking businesses with customers through the REM token and App wallet. Combined with a robust partner ecosystem of major brands across the consumer sector, we help customers unlock greater value from their loyalty points while allowing businesses improve their loyalty management strategy. A true lifestyle rewards ecosystem, you can redeem rewards for renting, ride-sharing and booking limitless global travel while also earning at an industry leading rate. The REM never expires, transfers for free and can be converted to fiat.

REM Loyalty received an A rating by Coinschedule (one of the most credible ICO listings) and it is ranked within the top three most trusted ICOs listed. Join our conversation on Telegram for more information on our loyalty token offering (LTO) launching on August 1, 2018.