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Intelligent fitness is on the rise as people are increasingly turning to wearable devices and apps to help them meet their goals. The data that users generate via these devices is extremely valuable to fitness marketers, however users themselves haven’t been able to capture this value – until now. Performance Lab, via its tokenized Smart Training Community, plans to disrupt the industry and put the control of health, privacy and rewards back into users’ own hands.

As users generate exercise data, they will receive Arda token rewards (ARDATs) and using Arda’s AI, this data becomes rich and meaningful. When users choose to share their data with third party businesses they will benefit through targeted offers and rewards, while helping those third parties with insights. At the same time, users will receive meaningful feedback and coaching from Arda in exchange for ARDATs.

Now, Performance Lab and REM loyalty are teaming up to reward users’ healthy behavior in an even more enriched and engaging way. The partnership will enable REM Loyalty customers to swap their REM tokens with ARDATs to participate in the Arda Smart Training Community and conversely, Arda users will be able to redeem rewards from any of the REM Loyalty partners by swapping their ARDATs for REM. This means, in addition to the fitness rewards offered by Performance Lab, users will soon be able to trade their ARDATs for unlimited global flights and hotels, accommodation, Uber rides and StubHub tickets via REM Loyalty. With this ability to swap and redeem both tokens, the REM Loyalty-Performance Lab partnership will promote further liquidity and transparency within the two token economies.

“The wellness culture is embedded in all aspects of today’s consumer industry,” says Zdravko Loborec, Founder, REM Loyalty. “Performance Lab’s’ tokenized Smart Training Community aligns well with our vision of creating a rewarding experience for our customers, many of whom have incorporated health and wellness activities as part of their lifestyle. We are really looking forward to realizing the synergies between our two ecosystems and enriching the experience for today’s wellness consumer.”

“Our shared values of innovating through blockchain technology to deliver an enriched and empowered customer experience makes REM Loyalty and Performance Lab a natural fit for collaboration,” says Waynne Dartnall, CEO of Performance Lab. “We look forward to working with REM Loyalty to further encourage our community to embrace healthy behavior and deliver an even more rewarding experience.”

About REM Loyalty

Powered by Stellar, REM Loyalty is a blockchain-based rewards ecosystem linking businesses with customers through the REM token and App wallet. Our robust partner ecosystem offers exciting rewards in the trillion dollar online travel industry, the multi-billion dollar ride sharing industry and the untapped 650 billion dollar rental market. REM is the only token that you can earn from booking travel, apply them to your monthly rent or Uber ride and even redeem for cash to spend anywhere, anytime.

REM Loyalty has a trust score of A from Coinschedule and is ranked as one of the top ten listed ICOs through a rigorous verification process by one of the most credible ICO listings. Join the conversation on Telegram for more information on REM’s loyalty token offering (LTO) launching on September 4, 2018. As a reverse ICO, there will be no time gap between the Token Offering and immediate Utility.

About Performance Lab (Creators of Arda)

Performance Lab’s mission is to help people become their best selves. By connecting all the stakeholders in the health, fitness and sports performance industry, the Arda Smart Training Community taps into a market of 3.2 billion users, processing 1.5 billion transactions every day. Athletes of all levels get highly personalized coaching to help them reach their goals while profiting from the data they generate via Arda tokens (ARDATs). These will be able to be redeemed for REM tokens for use on a wide variety of services including global flights, Uber rides and more. The Community is also a win for fitness marketers since they get valuable, accurate and targeted insights to help with research and marketing.

Validated through 20 years of scientific research with tens of thousands of athletes at all levels, Arda AI coaching technology has already been embraced and proven in the field with global partners such as Intel, Oakley and Lifebeam. The Arda technology is protected by an extensive portfolio of patents held by Performance Lab.

The Arda Token Generating Event (TGE) is live now. To learn more, visit or join the community on Telegram [].