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According to Colloquy’s 2017 Loyalty Census Report, loyalty programs in the travel and hospitality currently experience 20% growth, with more than 1.1 billion memberships in the U.S. alone. However, in recent years, customers have become increasingly frustrated with this sector, especially with airlines as changes to program rules have made it more difficult for reward redemptions. Some of the more noticeable changes include shorter expiration periods, reduction in the value of reward points, increase in blackout dates, sales taxes and inability to transfer points from one airline to another outside of a partnership. While airlines continue to reap the profits from high margins due to these adjustments, customers have become deeply disenfranchised with their loyalty memberships as a result.

Creating an end-to-end customer loyalty experience with blockchain technology

Together with, REM Loyalty is excited to deliver an innovative approach to rewarding loyal travelers. As the first global crypto travel company, offers a streamlined, secured and borderless redemption experience that is fully integrated with a crypto wallet. Unlike the traditional travel sector, the company takes advantage of blockchain technology to keep transaction costs low so it can offer steep discounts to customers on reward redemptions, at nearly a one-to-one, point-to-dollar ratio.

“At REM Loyalty, we’re in the business of improving customer loyalty. Through our partnership with, we can corner the market in addressing challenges which customers face with traditional travel loyalty programs,” REM Loyalty Founder, Zdravko Loborec, comments. “Blockchain technology’s ability to keep transaction costs low allows us to offer steep discounts on flights and hotels while increasing the value of customers’ reward points far above the current industry benchmarks, with absolutely no restrictions on redemptions.”

Experience a different Day 1 with REM Loyalty and

REM Loyalty’s partnership with stems from the fact that there hasn’t been a travel loyalty program that is truly global until now. For example, a customer cannot transfer points from one airline to another directly. He/she can book rewards on other airlines only if they belong to the same partner network. With, customers can experience a seamless crypto travel experience. They can book their travel directly from their app wallet while collecting REM reward tokens. They have the option of paying for their travel with tokens which they earned or bought. They can also redeem these tokens with other partners within the REM Loyalty ecosystem or opt for cash-back at anytime. As a result, customers no longer have to hold on to excess tokens if they don’t want to.

As a testament to its nature as a crypto company, is currently working with REM Loyalty to be fully integrated with the REM crypto wallet which will be launched before its website. The functionality of the wallet will enable customers to book their trips quickly and securely without having to visit the company’s website.

The path to building a trusted decentralized digital loyalty rewards platform

REM Loyalty is well-positioned as the trusted loyalty rewards platform of the crypto community. In addition to developing a solid partnership ecosystem with major brands across all consumer sectors across the globe, it has also met with governments which support the development of cryptocurrency.

“We aim to be the first token issued in the USA under the new Vermont blockchain bill accompanied by a no action letter from Vermont’s DFR,“ Mr. Loborec adds. “As a result of the recent progress we’ve made with and the Vermont government, REM Loyalty has decided to reschedule the REM’s loyalty token offering (LTO) to August 1, 2018, to ensure that customers and businesses can reap the benefits of an end-to-end customer loyalty experience on an innovative and decentralized platform from day 1.”


About REM Loyalty

Powered by Stellar, REM Loyalty is a blockchain-based rewards ecosystem linking businesses with customers through the REM token and App wallet. Combined with a robust partner ecosystem of major brands across the consumer sector, we help customers unlock greater value from their loyalty points while allowing businesses improve their loyalty management strategy. Join our conversation on Telegram for more information on the company or on our loyalty token offering (LTO) launching on August 1, 2018.

About is the first global crypto travel company and a partner of the REM Loyalty ecosystem. Powered by blockchain, it aims to disrupt traditional travel companies and loyalty programs by providing a streamlined, secured and borderless redemption experience that is fully integrated with its crypto wallet while increasing the value of customers’ hard-earned points by can offer steep discounts on airfare and hotel rates. For more information, subscribe to our website via email at