Loyalty Token Offering Help

If you have an existing account with us and need some assistance then contact us at accounts@remloyalty.com.
Remember that REM Tokens cannot be exported or used on exchanges until either 35% of the sale has been completed or we reach October 31, whichever occurs first. Until then enjoy 100% utility with our redemption partners and redeem away!

For support where you can’t finalize your purchase contact us at icosupport@remloyalty.com.
Remember to wait 24-48 hours particularly for identification to be verified. Passports are fastest, if you’ve used license or other government issued ID you may be waiting on verification. We work as quickly as we can and you will be notified as soon as your purchase is approved.

For wires please use wiresupport@remloyalty.com.
Wires can take 5-7 days to be received and you should have sent a screen capture of your transaction record or email confirmation to this email as well so we can verify receipt.